How to Create Your Combination of Minimalist Necklaces

One of the current trends is wearing three or four delicate necklaces of different shapes, lengths, and styles. That’s the perfect mix. Minimalist jewelry has been a trend for several seasons, and we have embraced it naturally and without hesitation. Why? Because it’s delicate, sophisticated, and allows us to play with many pieces we love. This applies to rings, earrings (ears are now adorned with mini earrings or piercings), bracelets, and also chokers or minimalist necklace.

These combinations offer you many possibilities. The key? The mix of lengths in the different chains, but also in their shapes, pendants, and even colors. We turn to Spanish brands that are reference in this style of jewelry to find the ultimate inspiration for necklace mixes.

This combination of necklaces has become a fundamental part of your daily look. You hardly ever take them off (except for special events). Why would you, since they always look good no matter what you’re wearing? If you want to wear one of those necklace mixes you see on celebrities and influencers, don’t miss this guide on what you need.

How to Create Your Combination:

  • First, get some basic chains of different lengths, sizes, and shapes.
  • Choose an interesting and trending longer pendant.
  • A choker with mini pendants or colorful gemstones that stands out.
  • Generally, stick to a single tone for all the chains: yellow gold, rose gold, or silver.
  • You don’t have to avoid it if one of the elements is a different metallic tone than the rest of the mix. That contrast also adds style and personality.
  • The usual number of chains to create these combinations is three or four.
  • Feel free to always be ready to include a new pendant following a current trend.

Basic Necklaces in Different Lengths

The Venice gold necklace from Oui Petit is made of 925 sterling silver and finished in 18kt gold with a 3-micron gold plating. It features very small link chains available in 40 cm and 60 cm lengths so you can choose the option that you like or need for your necklace combination. It’s a simple and super minimal chain that will be your total wardrobe staple for pendants. It’s available in silver and yellow gold.

Coin Charm Necklace

Coin charms are a key trend in summer 2020. Not only as a solitary pendant of varying sizes, but also, in this case, as mini circles hanging from a delicate chain. This one is from the Singularu brand and costs 27.97 euros.

Initial Pendant Necklace

Initials and names are a total trend. You’ll find them in different formats and models. One of our favorites is the PdPaola initial pendant. Labradorite, aquamarine, and variously toned zirconias are the protagonists in these talismanic jewels, delicate pieces where the semiprecious stones have been hand-carved for each letter, shape, and size. A great craftsmanship surrounds these pendants: each stone is manually set on a base of 925 sterling silver with an 18-karat plating,” explain from the brand.

Lock Pendant Necklace

The lock is one of the most interesting pieces for this type of chains in summer 2020. You’ll find them in silver, gold, or different sizes. This one from PDPaola costs 59 euros.

Colorful Gemstone Pendant Necklace

In the Seville-based brand Lamágora, we find this pendant, the Pendulum model. It is a rose gold-plated silver choker with multiple colors of embedded zirconias. The colors of the zirconias are distributed randomly, and each one is different. The peculiarity of the choker is the pendulum, a part of the chain that hangs from the center and stylizes the neckline. You can buy it for 28 euros.

A Necklace that Screams SUMMER

To add a special touch to your combination, why not an unexpected twist? You can reduce the number of pendants and keep only the basics to add a necklace like this. It’s from Verbena Madrid, called Guateque, and it will remind you of your childhood. Bring out the inner child in you with this accessory full of vitality and color.

“The center of the necklace, customizable with mother-of-pearl letters, is made up of natural pearls that evoke the warmth of the family nucleus or the closest circle of friends. Around it, colorful pieces of velvety resin alternated with fruits recreate a festive, joyful, and familiar atmosphere. The closure, with an extensible chain, is made of 925 sterling silver plated in gold. The chain closes with a pearl flower. You have 10 initials to customize it with your name or with the word that identifies you the most,” they explain.

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